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Doctor Poet: John Stone

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John Stone is a cardiologist and poet at Emory University School of Medicine. His work appears in six books of his own; he is also co-editor of On Doctoring: Stories, Poems, Essays, an anthology of literature and medicine that has been given to all American medical students by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation since 1991.

His work is quoted in this story on NPR, Doctors' Stories For a Bellevue Physician. The following poem is from his book, 'Music from Apartment 8: New and Selected Poems'.

This Kind of Thing Doesn't Happen Often and When it Does You Should Pay Attention:

On Piedmont Road, going north,
before my car there floated forth

a soapy bubble in the traffic,
glistening and holographic.

It drifted down into my path,
this ghostly sphere from someone's bath.

I watched it bob and almost tickle
a Harley- Davidson motorcycle

then rise (as it got quite exhausted).
That's where I left it, fair and frosted.

For this unexpected act
I thank heaven (I think), in fact,

that someone went to all the trouble
to blow me a bubble.

In its original form, the poem includes an epigram by e.e. commings: "i thank heaven somebody's crazy enough to send me a daisy".