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Taylor Waltrip

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Taylor Waltrip was born and raised in Atlanta and has been playing since he was a kid. Today he's the section leader of the "Knights of Sound", the Grady High School drum line. As section leader he says it's his job to make sure everyone is on point and doing everything at the right time.

When students make mistakes, however, they have to do push-ups. A mistake of any kind means 25 push ups, immediately. That could be right in the middle of practice or right in the middle of a song.

But the number of push-ups increases if a band member makes a mistake during an actual performance. One time Waltrip was playing during a game and dropped his stick. For this he had to do 100 push-ups after the game.

In order to be a successful drummer he suggests daily practice. He does, for about 30 minutes a day.