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Trivia Night

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Trivia host Robert Holland

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About a decade ago, local owners of watering holes found a way to pull in customers during the slower nights of the week with trivia contests. Now theyre all over Atlanta. Whether hes at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club on Mondays, the Universal Joint Bar on Tuesdays or Mojo Pizza on Wednesdays, quizmaster Robert Holland likes to play Alex Trebek to a city full of aspiring Ken Jennings. Teams ranging from two to 10 members with names like the Bipolar Bears take on Hollands brain-teasing questions lumped into three rounds. Holland has been told hes the toughest host in town, even if he likes to help his players along with a music soundtrack that drops hints to the answers. (Example: For Albert Camus The Stranger, Holland played Who Are You? by the Who.)