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Whistling Father

on Atlanta Sounds

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The idea for this Atlanta Sound actually came from Lindsey Hogle's mother, Karen.

'Our kids are all grown and living on their own now. When they were still living with us, my husband used to always step out the back door and whistle to call the kids in for supper . . . they could hear him from quite a distance away and would head home. Yesterday my husband and I went for lunch ... where our daughter, Lindsey works. Through the windows of our cafe we could see our daughter working on the patio. So my husband whistled to see whether she would hear him. As soon as he whistled, she froze then started looking all around on the street below because she KNEW that whistle. Sure enough there he was waving and smiling at her. It was awesome to watch. It was a sound that held a lot of meaning to our family.'