PBA Online: Public Broadcasting Atlanta

Maxine Price

“and I was teaching my young cocker spaniel how to retrieve and I remember saying, ‘what’s going on’?”

Edith Cook

“I was listening to the radio and someone broke in … “

Rudolph Berthoud

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt was speaking and we knew that it had to be something very important.”

Eddie Gustafson

“We were real upset, just real upset … and people started enlisting … “

Raymond Williams

“…surprised that the Japanese could come in that close and destroy our navel forces that were in Hawaii.”

Helen Denton

” … we didn’t have television in those days”

Hiram Little

“Well, that’s a part of Hawaii, that’s a part of the country … “

Bob Powell

“What I said at the time was, ‘well it looks like we’re gonna be there and I guess my college days were over for a while’ … and they were.”

Carl Beck

” … and then we started asking ourselves, ‘where is Pearl Harbor’?”

Ed Mcnally

“I must have had the radio on”

Elizabeth Due

“We were practicing the Christmas music and we were all shocked to death and didn’t feel like singing anymore.”

Bascom Pittman

“My mom and dad they were very upset and they started explaining it to us children.”

Bill Price

“It did make me angry and make me think about the future and what I would be doing.”

Earl Cook

“I was back in Atlanta … I was able to come home that particular weekend … “

Charlie Hamilton

“I was a student … and I remember one of my professors was quite shocked … “

Ray Moore

“I was in my living room on a Sunday and didn’t fully comprehend it.”

Janice Benario

“”I was home studying … and it just happened that the desk that I worked at was right next to the main radio of the house.”