PBA Online: Public Broadcasting Atlanta

February 17, 2007

This week’s episode of Atlanta Shorts features submissions from student filmmakers, all made as part of Campus Movie Fest, the world’s largest student film festival.


From Tinkle. A look back at high school in the seventies.

Genesis V

From Equinox Studios. A look at a line that perhaps shouldn’t be crossed.

Carboy: The Five-Seater with a Heart of Gold

From Black Hand Productions. A look at a boy with a singular disability.

Dying Days

From Poo Industries. A look at hope in a crumbling society.

55: A Meditation on the Speed Limit

From 5 Year Plan. A look at an extraordinary act of public obedience.


Fom Jeff & Justin Productions. A look at the difference just 5 minutes can make.

Campus Movie Fest is holding its Atlanta Grand Finale, where it will screen the best student films from Atlanta, on February 28 at Atlanta Symphony Hall. For more information »