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Week of 18 May 2009

Lost Expressions

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This week’s question on City Cafe.

All week we’ve been asking listeners “What’s a word or phrase that you used to hear, but today is not as well known?” Here are some of the listeners that phoned in.

City Cafe would like to thank all callers who phoned in their answers.


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John Lemley talks to WABE’s Rose Scott about the coming week in sports

Thursday - May 21, 2009

The Art of Field Recording

he Art of Field Recording

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Most people think folk music as a thing of the past. It seemed to disappear in the sixties when rock and roll and the Beatles swept the music scene. But if you search hard enough, folk music and the musicians who play it are still around. Art Rosenbaum has made it his life’s work to find and record it. He’s become the Indiana Jones of folk music. Independent producer Philip Graitcer traveled with Rosenbaum to visit a few traditional musicians.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Access Atlanta

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AJC Best Bets writer Shane Harrison talks about what’s going on around Atlanta this week.

Wednesday - May 20, 2009

Matt Haffner

Matt Haffner - Lowrider

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Think for a moment of the things that you purposefully keep outdoors. For some its lawn furniture, a car, sometimes relatives. Okay, not that last one. But a local Atlanta artist has a brand of street art that he purposefully displays outside for all to see and for mother nature to eventually destroy. WABE’s David Barasoain has this artist profile.

Artist Matt Haffner, currently has a large INDOOR work — Dreams of a Sleeping Giant - on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. Incidentally, Matt Haffner will be at MOCA tonight, giving a free lecture at seven.

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

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Paste Magazine’s Kevin Keller stops by to tell us what’s happening this weekend in Atlanta’s independent music scene.

Friday May 22nd - Eric Hutchinson - Vinyl

Saturday May 23rd - Vigilantes of Love - Eddie’s Attic

Wednesday May 27th - The National - The Tabernacle

Tuesday - May 19, 2009

Criminal Records

Criminal Records

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The independent record store has always been a place to find eclectic music and eccentric people. While some Atlanta stores have recently closed their doors others are taking advantage of the niche they’ve carved inside their communities and are offering live opportunities that you can find by simply downloading music. Susan Mittleman has the story.

Library Integration

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On May 19th, 1959 Dr. Irene Dobbs Jackson became the first African-American to receive a library card from the main branch of the Atlanta Public Library system. Mrs. Jackson had two of her daughters with her the day she integrated the city’s library, Carol Ann and Constance. We sat down with Dr. Constance Carter for a conversation about her mother and her early involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

Monday - May 11, 2009

Atlanta Chamber Players

The Atlanta Chamber Players

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The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern’s brusing aside the bard tomorrow night as the Atlanta Chamber Players take the stage for the first ever Chamber Music at the Tavern. A member of the group is Artistic Director and Pianist, Paula Piece, and joins John Lemley for a chat.

Local Book Events


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Executive Director of the Decatur Book Festival and curator of verb.org Daren Wang stops by to talk about local area books and book events.

Monday - Rick Riordan - “The Last Olympian”

Wednesday - Mark Kurlansky - “The Food of A Younger Land”

Thursday - Brett Friedlander - Chasing Moonlight