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Week of 13 July 2009

Friday - July 17, 2009

Lost Your Way

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This week’s question on City Cafe.

All week we’ve been asking listeners “When was a time that you really lost your way and what did you learn from it?” Here are some of the listeners that phoned in.

City Cafe would like to thank all callers who phoned in their answers.


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John Lemley talks to WABE’s Rose Scott about the coming week in sports

BlazeSports US 2009 Boccia Nationals

6th annual Southeastern Showdown

11th annual Hambidge Summer Festival

Atlanta Braves

Thursday - July 16, 2009

Starlight Six Flea Market

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By night, the Starlight Six functions as Atlanta’s only Drive-In movie theater. But by day, every Saturday and Sunday, the huge lot turns into a giant flea market — one of the last true, old-fashioned open-air markets in Georgia.

Susan Mittleman took a recent trip down south Moreland Avenue to check it out.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Access Atlanta

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AJC Best Bets writer Shane Harrison talks about what’s going on around Atlanta this week.

Wednesday - July 15, 2009

NPR Wedding

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There’s nothing uncommon about a summer wedding, but when Matt and Peggy Price tied the knot in late June, they infused their wedding with a very unique theme — National Public Radio. We talked with the couple just before they got married and also stopped by their reception to find out just what goes into an NPR themed wedding.

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

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Paste Magazine’s Kevin Keller stops by to tell us what’s happening this weekend in Atlanta’s independent music scene.

July 16th & 17th - Todd Snider - Eddie’s Attic

July 16th & 17th - Holly Golightly - Eddie’s Attic

July 17th - Gasoline Heart - Vinyl

July 17th - Dirty Projectors - The Earl

Tuesday - July 14, 2009

Blood Knot

Blood Knot

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South African playwright Athol Fugard premiered his fifth play, Blood Knot, with just a single performance in 1961. The show continued to be performed outside of apartheid-controlled South Africa, seeing a Broadway revival in 1986. In 1998, Tom Key and Kenny Leon—now artistic directors of Theatrical Outfit and True Colors Theater Company respectively—performed as brothers Zach and Morrie…and have now reunited under the direction of the Alliance’s artistic director Susan Booth.

All three recently got together in our studios for an in-depth conversation about Blood Knot and the larger themes at work within the show.

Blood Knot is playing now through August 2nd at Theatrical Outfit.

Monday - July 13, 2009

Davey The Bamboo Plant

Davey The Bamboo Plant

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Summer is a time for getting outside and enjoying sunshine. That’s especially true for those who enjoy gardening. Here at WABE, we also appreciate plants, well most of the time. A bamboo plant in the newsroom nicknamed Davey was clearly in need of some TLC, so WABE producers David Barasoain and Rose Scott decided to take the plant to Habersham Gardens, a local nursery. For some tips on caring for Bamboo plants, click here.

Local Book Events


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Executive Director of the Decatur Book Festival and curator of verb.org Daren Wang stops by to talk about local area books and book events.

Monday, July 13th - Matthew Bernstein - “Screening a Lynching”

Tuesday, July 14th - Karin Slaughter - “Undone”

Tuesday, July 14th - Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore - “Survivor”

Wednesday, July 15th - Janis Kearney