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Week of 17 August 2009

Question of The Week

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This week’s question on City Cafe.

All week we’ve been asking listeners “What would be YOUR personal theme song and why?” Here are some of the listeners that phoned in.

City Cafe would like to thank all callers who phoned in their answers.


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John Lemley talks to WABE’s Rose Scott about the coming week in sports

Thursday - August 20, 2009

Starlight Under The Stars

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Atlanta’s Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre and Turner Classic Movies are teaming up this month to present Classic Movie Nights Under the Stars. With us now to talk about the event is the Starlight’s manager, Jim Stacy.

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Access Atlanta

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AJC Best Bets writer Shane Harrison talks about what’s going on around Atlanta this week.

Wednesday - August 19, 2009

Millie Coleman - Tea Room Cookbook

a cake by Millie Coleman

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Long before celebrity chefs, culinary fads, and food as art… Atlantans flocked downtown to the Francis Virginia Tea Room in the 1930’s, 40’s, & 50’s. The restaurant is long gone, but the memories and the food lives on in a cookbook, that itself turns 25 years old this year. It’s the Francis Virginia Tea Room Cookbook and the author is Millie Coleman.

White Rum Hard Sauce Recipe


  • Two sticks of butter
  • 1 pound package of Powdered Sugar
  • ½ cup White Rum


  • Add butter and sugar in food processor. Add White Rum and stir. Then taste.

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

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Paste Magazine’s Kevin Keller stops by to tell us what’s happening this weekend in Atlanta’s independent music scene.

Wednesday, August 19th - Dungen - The Earl

Thursday, August 20th - The Fiery Furnaces - Variety Playhouse

Saturday, August 22nd - Gentleman Jesse & his Men - The Earl

Tuesday - August 18, 2009

Georiga History: Coke

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Every month, we sit down with Dr. Tim Crimmins, Professor of History and Director of Neighborhood and Metropolitan Studies at Georgia State to discuss some of this month in Georgia History. Today, we’ll talk about the anniversary of the death of John Pemberton and about the empire he unwittingly started.

Monet Water Lilies

Monet's Water Lilies

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New York meets Atlanta in the High Museum’s new exhibition of paintings by Claude Monet. The centerpiece of the show is Monet’s “reflections of clouds on the water-lily pond,” a 42-foot-wide painting known as a “triptych” which is owned by New York’s Museum of Modern Art. “Monet’s Water Lilies” opens tomorrow. WABE’s Lois Reitzes recently spoke with the High Museum’s director of collections, David Brenneman — about the exhibit.

Monday - August 17, 2009

Film Notes

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A look at the city’s cinematic offerings with arts journalist David Lee Simmons, including a showing of the iMax feature ‘Hurricane on the Bayou’.

Local Book Events


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Executive Director of the Decatur Book Festival and curator of verb.org Daren Wang stops by to talk about local area books and book events.

Tuesday, August 18th - Kevin Pappas - “Godfather of Night”

Wednesday, August 19th - Pat Conroy - “South Abroad”

Thursday, August 20th - Marc Phillips - “The Legend of Sander Grant”