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Week of 15 March 2010

Friday, March 19th

Cars At The High

1959 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray. Peter Harholdt

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A new exhibit opening at the High Museum of Art over the weekend features some very rare vintage cars, some of which date back to the 1930s. The exhibit is called The Allure of the Automobile. WABE’s David Barasoain has more.

Daylight Saving Time

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All week, we’ve been asking listeners, “Has daylight saving time ever set you back?” Here are some of the people who phoned in with their stories.

We thank you for the many great responses to this week’s Have Your Say.

Thursday, March 18th

Hollis Gillespie on Rollergirls

Host John Lemley & Hollis Gillespie

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This month’s Atlanta magazine features an article about that most American of contact sports—roller derby. In roller derby, teams of players skate around a track and gain points when they lap members of the opposing team.

It’s a vigorous, unconventional sport, and who else would the magazine have but Hollis Gillespie, to cover an Atlanta game?

Host John Lemley sat down and talked with the author and comedienne about her experience. He started out by asking Hollis what roller derby is all about.

See the Atlanta Rollergirls in action in this recent This is Atlanta special.

Best Bets for This Week

Access Atlanta

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Atlanta Journal Constitution “Best Bets” writer Shane Harrison talks about what’s going on around Atlanta this week.

Saturday, March 20th - Westside Arts Walk

Saturday, March 20th - Chicken Raid

Wednesday, March 24th - Shearwater

Saturday, March 20th - Obscura

Wednesday, March 17th

Nature Unleashed

Nature Unleashed

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In time for tornado season, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is focusing on Mother Nature at her angriest with the exhibit Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters and the IMAX film Forces of Nature. By exploring the science behind earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and hurricanes, the interactive displays hopes to show how we can be better prepared for the unexpected. WABE’s Myke Johns headed down there for a weather report.

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

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Paste Magazine’s Kevin Keller stops by to tell us what’s happening this weekend in Atlanta’s independent music scene.

Saturday, March 20th - Madeline at The Drunken Unicorn

Saturday, March 20th - Spoon at The Tabernacle

Wednesday, March 24th - The XX at Variety Playhouse

Tuesday, March 16th

The Radio Story: Birds

Deb Gerace

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Our occasional Radio Story series features the lives and experiences of people in and around Atlanta. Here’s a story that came about during one of the many heavy rainstorms that have hit us this year. Kennesaw singer and writer Deb Gerace tells it.

Storycorps - Fredette

Mary Deblasio & Armand Rodolphe Fredette

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Retiree Armand Rodolphe Fredette lived most of his life considering himself to be white. But when he started delving deeper into his parents’ history, he realized some things that now have him checking multiple boxes in terms of his race. He told his story to his daughter Mary DeBlasio.

Monday, March 15th

Mt. Zion Exhibit

Mt. Zion Exhibit

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The Dekalb History Center is showing an exhibit featuring Atlanta’s Mt. Zion community—a neighborhood whose history stretches back to the 1800s, when it was founded by emancipated slaves. Their descendants continue to live and attend church on the land their ancestors owned, farmed, and passed on.

The students of Arbor Montessori School, which neighbors Mt. Zion, collected oral histories and studied primary documents from DeKalb County’s archives in order to put the exhibit together. You can see some of their research at their own website.

WABE’s Myke Johns went to the Old Courthouse for the opening reception and has this report.

Local Book Events


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Executive Director of the Decatur Book Festival and curator of verb.org, Daren Wang stops by to talk about local books and book events.

Monday, March 15th - Thomas Cahill - A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green

Thursday, March 18th - Kevin Young - The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing

Friday, March 19th - David Fulmer - The Fall