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Week of 9 August 2010

Friday, August 13th

Lost Phrases

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This week’s Have Your Say on City Cafe.

All week, we’ve been asking listeners, “What are some phrases that you once knew or used, but that are rarely heard today?” Here are some of the responses we received.

Thanks to everyone who phoned this week to Have Your Say.

Thursday, August 12th

Atlanta Sounds: Elderly Aquatics

Elderly Aquatics

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Listen to the longer radio feature here.

Three days a week, women over 50 from different parts of Atlanta meet at the Dynamo Swim Club in Chamblee for water aerobics class. To pass the time during lessons, many of the students sing old songs - one of which dates back to 1881. Some favorites are “A Bicycle Built for Two”, “Sweetly Sings the Donkey,” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” During the class, these ladies seemingly transform back into girls, laughing and giggling… at least, when the instructor isn’t looking.

You can submit your ideas for Atlanta Sounds here.

This Week’s Best Bets from Shane Harrison

Access Atlanta

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Atlanta Journal Constitution “Best Bets” writer Shane Harrison talks about what’s going on around the city this week.

Through September 5th - Singin’ in the Rain

Through September 11th - Katrina: Five Years of Reflection

August 14th & 15th - Strange Daze Music and Arts Festival

Wednesday, August 11th

The Food Truck Cometh to Atlanta?

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The Atlanta Police Department has granted its first permit that allows mobile food trucks to operate throughout Atlanta. The move comes after months of lobbying by the Atlanta Street Food Coalition. One of the mobile food trucks that you might find in and around the city this afternoon is called YOMBII. WABE’s Michelle Wirth Reports.

This Week in Independent Music

Paste Magazine

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Paste Magazine’s Kevin Keller stops by to tell us what’s happening this weekend in Atlanta’s independent music scene.

Wednesday, August 11th - Arcade Fire at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Saturday, August 14th - Erykah Badu at Chastain Park

Monday, August 16th - Madi Diaz at Eddie’s Attic

Note: Arcade Fire will be playing at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre instead of Chastain Park as mentioned in the audio.

Tuesday, August 10th

Storycorps - Kate Pedrick & Miguel Figueroa

Kate Pedrick & Miguel Figueroa

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Miguel Figueroa just turned 34 years and is about to be married to his fiancé Kate Pedrick. They both love laughing, and at StoryCorps-Atlanta, they laughed together when Miguel finally spilled the beans about a childhood prank against his sister.

The Economics of Farm-to-Table

Farm To Table

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In 2003, there were nine farmers markets in Atlanta. By last year, that number had jumped to 85, according to figures from Georgia Organics. A new study from that organization claims that more food from local sources could be an economic boon to the state.

Kate Sweeney took a closer look at the economics of farm- to-table in Georgia—from farm, to farmers’ market, to plate. The journey began in Newborn, Georgia.

Padron Pepper Tapas

This was the recipe Linda Duncan used to cook the padron peppers she bought at the farmers’ market in Morningside. Eating padron peppers is sort of like playing Russian Roulette—most are lightly sweet, but some are rather spicy! Linda served these tapas with slices of white baguette and olive oil to cut down on the shock of those piquant pepper moments.

Serves 3-4

- About 12 padron peppers
- 1 cup olive oil
- Coarse salt

Rinse the peppers and let them dry, leaving the stems on. Heat the oil in a sauté pan, and then place the peppers in and fry for a few minutes, allowing all sides of the peppers to blacken some. Drain batches on paper towels, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy with some French bread and Spanish beer. Enjoy!

Monday, August 9th

The “Plant Geek” Tells All

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Think August is the “dead zone” of gardening in Atlanta? Think again. Horticulturist and self-described “plant geek,” Geri Laufer, talks with WABE’s John Lemley about fall planting, blueberries, and even planting tomatoes in August. Geri Laufer is a lifelong gardener, author, teacher, public speaker and gardening coach. She is the author of Tussie-Mussies: The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers.

Local Book Events


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Executive Director of the Decatur Book Festival and curator of verb.org Daren Wang stops by to talk about local area books and book events.

Tuesday, August 10th - Dave Cohen, Hal Jacobs, and Pete Van Wieren - A Triple Play Baseball Literary Event

Saturday, August 14th - Rosanne Cash - Composed

Monday, August 16th - June Hall McCash - Almost to Eden