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Get Delicious! Barbeque, Bacon, and Other Adventures in Meat

Veteran chef and gourmet corn-dog impressario Jim Stacy takes viewers on a tour of some of greater Atlanta’s best barbeque joints and butcher shops.

Get Delicious Again! Atlanta’s Global Eateries

Get Delicious Again! Atlanta’s Global Eateries, features an encore performance for PBA30’s unconventional Get Delicious! host, Jim Stacy. Stacy’s candid conversations and down-to-earth reviews of Atlanta’s international restaurants result in a refreshing hour of entertainment and information.

Instead of focusing on Atlanta’s lavish and expensive establishments, “Get Delicious Again!” shines a spotlight on authentic, international eateries such as Chef Liu, Havana, and Pho Dai Loi that offer scrumptious dishes at a decent price.

Get Delicious! Atlanta’s Hidden Restaurant Treasures

Atlanta is full of high end fancy restaurants - but you won’t find out about them on this show. Instead we’ll be looking at the great mom and pop joints around town. You know, the ones with good, cheap food and lots of character - the neighborhood restaurants serving incredible food that you can enjoy without taking out a second mortgage.

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About our host

Our host for this trip will be Jim Stacy. He’s an Atlanta “foodie” who’s well known in the best neighborhood eateries. His firm belief is that the best fare offers no pretense, and the greatest restaurants don’t obsess over décor, ambience, or trends.

Jim’s well known around town among connoisseurs of fine street food (he owns and operates Palookaville, a gourmet corndog/tamale wagon), patrons of the Starlight Drive-in (he’s the Manager), music fans (he’s the former front-man of an all-clown band), and art collectors (all this and he still finds time to paint).

You can watch a story about Palookaville here »

About the Restaurants

The Colonnade

The Colonnade was founded in 1927 and move to its current location on Cheshire Bridge Road in 1962. Famous for its traditional Southern fare, the Colonnade has recently added some newer items to the menu. We tasted both, and met a customer who’s been dining there since 1935!

Carvers Country Kitchen

Robert and Sharon Carver start cooking everyday at 4am to provide you with one spectacular lunch. They’re open between 11am and 3pm but come early because the line forms quickly and goes out into the street. The food is unbelievable and the portions are huge. Have a Dolly Parton chicken breast with two sides and you’re done eating for the day!

Red Snapper

This unassuming restaurant on Cheshire Bridge road serves some of the best seafood in Atlanta. The signature dish is Ginger Snapper but make sure you try their many excellent appetizers as well. Jim was introduced to the place by his dad, who came down to share a meal, and reminisce about seafood from bygone days.

Nick’s Food to Go

If Kevin Rathbun’s a fan need we say more? We met Kevin at this family run hole-in-the-wall and watched the Poulous family make one of their signature dishes - something so good that Kevin Rathbun was willing to break his diet to eat it.


Alfredo’s is another Cheshire Bridge classic, and Jim’s favorite restaurant. We’ll show you their sneaky trick that’ll leave your stomach crying out for food even before you reach the table. Jim takes his wife to enjoy the delights of this classic Italian restaurant.

The Beautiful Restaurant

Run by the good folks from the Perfect Church, this Soul food classic has been a West End landmark for over 30 years. All their food is mouthwatering, but Jim’s pilgrimage is made with one particular dish in mind. And don’t forget dessert!

Nuevo Laredo

Who doesn’t like Mexican food? - Especially when it’s as good as Nuevo Laredo’s. Chance Evans opened this place after a successful corporate career involving international trade in Mexico. This area of town (over on Chattahoochee Avenue) used to be all industrial. It’s still mostly industrial, but now those warehouse workers have somewhere decent to eat — and so do you.

The Silver Skillet

If you like a good cooked breakfast look no further! The Silver Skillet on 14th street is a favorite for Jim. Fried Pork chops, Country ham and red-eyed gravy — along with delicious biscuits of course! Jim investigates the breakfast food group with his good friend Mike Meier.