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Eastlake Park


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Avantika Bawa's Blips

Examining the relationships between existing functional structures and the landscape of East Lake Park, the artist draws attention to the vastness of the creek and the constructed beauty seen in the red poles of the bridges. The built world as it touches the ground in the natural systems of the park is highlighted with the installation of markers and blips. These blips and markers appear as multiples and can be seen throughout this area of the park, serving as accents as well as directional signs. The elements invite the viewer to simply walk the route and enjoy the subtle structural details and landscaping that an average viewer notices while looking at this park from afar. Trace details and color have informed the artist by working onsite to recompose the work in multiple formats and investigations. For more information click here.

Avantika Bawa

A curator and conceptual artist with an MFA in Painting from The School at the Art Institute of Chicago, Avantika Bawa is represented by SaltWorks in Atlanta. A current artist-in-residence at The Skowhegen School of Painting and Sculpture, the artist shows her work nationally and internationally. She is also founder and editor of Drain, a journal for contemporary art and culture. www.drainmag.com