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Lake Claire Park


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In this piece, sounds recorded from areas outside of Atlanta's bustling perimeter are recomposed and presented to park visitors in attempt to create a new kind of social space, one which can be used as a place of ongoing performance and exchange. Viewers are asked to engage with the sound collage and are also encouraged to use the portable sound devices provided by the artist in hopes that such activities will provide visitors with a reflective park experience.

As the artist explains: "Within this community I want to explore a new listening structure where people can enter, listen, and experience the familiar in a new way." Listening is a deep activity that requires concentration and results in a fresh perspective. Through this focused listening, visitors can begin to experience a dialogue about what is natural in their manmade environment.

The culmination of the sound journeys is a ten-minute composition with a CD player. For more information click here.

Angus Galloway

Angus Galloway was born in Bath England, received his MFA from Georgia State University, and lives and works in Atlanta. His work has been featured in national and international exhibitions, as well as a variety of publications including, Direct Art, New York Art, and Trigger Magazine. www.angusgalloway.com

Catch and Land: A Participatory Environments Network

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Catch And Land

Through Catch and Land, a network of sonic and kinetic performances creates a social connection and movement throughout the park. Comprised of a system in which musical performance and sport performance exist in a symbiotic relationship, simultaneous performances of games and sound inform and influence one another. Observers are invited to participate in the artist-invented sport, or to simply just watch and listen. The compositions of sound are based on the spatial and historical information of each neighborhood. For more information click here.

Participation is encouraged!

Nat Slaughter

Nat Slaughter is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. He has presented work locally, nationally and globally. www.natslaughter.com