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Mozley Park

Artist In Residence

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Artist In Residence

As part of an on-going project on personal relationships with the American flag, Pree Bright is acting as Mozely Park's artist in residence. She will work closely with the senior citizen population who frequent the park in order to explore their feelings about this icon, as well as their ideas about American identity. Seeking to experiment with a new social platform of exchange and dialogue, one made possible by the social, public park setting, the artist will actively engage with park visitors as she shares her "studio" with them. These exchanges will form the basis for work that will attempt to document stereotypes, challenge perceptions of identity, and show universal commonalities. This onsite social investigation will coordinate with Sheila's exhibition at the High Museum which opens in May and runs through the summer of 2008. The work produced during A (new) Genre Landscape will also be exhibited with Atlanta Celebrates Photography in the autumn of 2008. For more information click here.

Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Pree Bright is a fine art photographer based in Atlanta. Her large-scale, provocative work combines a wide-ranging knowledge of contemporary culture with an emphasis on challenging perceptions of identity. Currently a studio artist at The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, she has received numerous awards and grants as well as showing her work both nationally and internationally. Pree Bright received her MFA in photography from Georgia State University in 2003.