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Howell Park

When Pigs Fly

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When Pigs Fly

The artist has collaborated to create new communities within Grant and Howell Parks via the Frisbee, an object synonymous with social park activity. As the game of Frisbee involves two or more people in the playing, the artist has used this form of interaction as a means to study the group dynamics of this familiar game. Having collaborated with Atlanta-based Frisbee groups in the development of When Pigs Fly, the artist has also introduced the work to connect new communities. Subversive political commentaries as well as a sense of humor are at play within the performance. For more information click here.

All are invited to participate in the Frisbee performances.

Michael Reese

Michael Reese is a photographer and conceptual artist. He received his BFA in Photography from the Atlanta College of Art. An interest and commitment to social practice in his work allows for an open experimentation and dialogue. Reese's work has been exhibited at the International Center of Photography and The Drawing Center both in New York City. www.michaelreesephotography.com