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Man’s best Friend

Why do people have such a close bond with dogs?

Laura Miller, a dog agility instructor, told us. “There’s a connectedness between humans and dogs that you just don’t get with other animals. I have had horses, I have had cats but the connection is not the same.”

“Doing activities such as dog agility helps the dog to be a better, more reliable dog, a more rounded dog. The dog has been in lots of different environments and trained to work with you doing lots of highly specialized tasks that are quite hard for them to do. If you’re successful doing that you should feel comfortable putting them in an environment with children.”


Laura also volunteers at Reading Paws, a children’s literacy program that utilizes registered therapy dogs to help children improve their reading and make reading a fun experience.

So how does reading to a dog improve a child’s reading skills?

Tina Baker explains it this way; “When they’re reading to a dog they’re not reading to a teacher or to their peers who might criticize them or make fun of them. The dog will listen and love them no matter what… and besides it’s really cool to be able to read to a dog in a library!”


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