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Medical Expeditions International

Being a part of Medical Expeditions International (MEI) can be an experience of a lifetime. This goodwill organization is based in Atlanta; but they make house calls around the world utilizing the best volunteer medical team possible consisting of physicians, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, as well as non-medical support volunteers. The MEI team provides medical attention to the people and animals of some of the poorest and/or remote regions of advanced countries of the world. Services provided by MEI include medical care, medications, medical equipment and supplies, medical training and health education.

The volunteers of MEI donate their services and pay for their own travel costs. This ensures that their patients get comprehensive, free healthcare. MEI medical missions have been conducted in China, India, and Ecuador. MEI receives medications and supplies from pharmaceutical organizations, healthcare organizations and individual donors. If you’re interested in volunteering with this noteworthy organization, or want more information, visit the Medical Expedition International website at www.medexinternational.org

Medical Expeditions International
1235 N. Decatur Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30306

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