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The American Association of adaptedSPORTS Programs

The American Association of adaptedSPORTST Programs began in the 1980s as an after-school program for students with physical disabilities in Dekalb County. It has since become a model for adapted sports throughout the country.

Standards are the key to the adaptedSPORTS model. While sports opportunities for athletes with disabilities may have varied from program to program in the past, AAASP places emphasis on having standardized rules, structured seasons and championships, regular practices, trained and certified coaches, and academic requirements. These standards help AAASP offer a more complete and satisfactory competitive experience. And “competitive” is a key word here. AAASP Director of Partnerships & Outreach and former Olympic and Paralympic Medalist Scot Hollonbeck said that he knew the program had reached a milestone when the athletes’ parents started to get a little too worked up during the games.

Working with the Georgia High School Association, AAASP offers Wheelchair Handball, Wheelchair Basketball, Powerchair Soccer, Wheelchair Football, Track and Field, and Beep Baseball to students with disabilities in the metro-Atlanta area, and throughout the state. For information about AAASP and adaptedSPORTS, visit www.adaptedsports.org.

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