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The ArTaxi

For art patrons in the Castleberry Hill District, the walk between galleries can sometimes be cold, dark, rainy, or otherwise inhospitable to a pleasant stroll. It certainly doesn’t have live musical accompaniment or portraiture. That’s where the ArTaxi comes in.

Jon the Cabbie picks up friends, fellow artists, and the occasional unsuspecting patron and transports them to their next stop. But that’s not all. In the process, Jon sketches pictures, plays live music, and takes photographs, all of these often involving his passengers. At the end of the ride, the fare receives Jon’s drawing as their “receipt,” but he insists the real art is in the experience of the ArTaxi ride.

While riders may look on nervously as Jon draws or plays, rest assured the more creative aspects of the ArTaxi experience take place at stoplights. So, if you need a ride or art or both, keep an eye out for the black-and-white sign. The ArTaxi is a one-of-a-kind artistic experience…on wheels!


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