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McDonough Ghost Hunters Society

Lynn Loggins is the owner of the Seasons Bistro in McDonough which also happens to be the most haunted place in Henry County.

In June 23rd 1900 a train left McDonough station headed for Atlanta. It had been an unusually wet month and the small creek just outside town had turned into a raging torrent. When the Old No7 crossed the trestle bridge it collapsed under the weight, no doubt weakened by the flood waters below. The train plunged into the water and 39 people died in the worst train accident in Georgia’s history.

B.B. Carmichael was one of McDonough’s undertakers and all 39 victims came through his building. More than 100 years later the building is still being used, but this time as a restaurant — and apparently some of the victims of the train wreck aren’t very happy about it.

Lynn told us that customers been told to get out and chairs have been moved. She’s also heard people talking behind her — even though she’s the only person in the building.

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