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Horses for Heroes

Many veterans find themselves struggling to re-enter society after their military career is over. In some cases that leads to veterans ending up either in jail or homeless. Heroic Veterans of Georgia is an organization trying to give those veterans a helping hand. One of their most popular programs is Horses for Heroes, a horse therapy program that typically takes place once a month at Little Creek Farm in Decatur.

The therapy is conducted by Stride Ahead, a group that specializes in equine assisted therapies. Volunteers from Stride Ahead help the veterans groom, saddle, and then ride a horse around the farm. Stride Ahead founder Anne Preston says the program helps improve self-confidence by allowing the veteran to have control over something. Veterans get to interact with people who want to help them turn their lives around, all while making friends with a horse, too.

For more info:

Heroic Veterans of Georgia Inc.
Balewa K. Alimayu, CEO
Sixty Walton Street - 3rd floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00am to 3:00pm 404-586-0465 (fax)

To volunteer with Stride Ahead: http://www.strideahead.org/StrideAhead/Horses_for_Heroes.html