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Pallookaville Gourmet Carnival Foods

Jim Stacy has been a clown, a sideshow performer, a touring musician, a tattoo artist, a honky-tonk owner, and the manager of a drive-in theatre. To him, packing a second-hand popcorn wagon full of delicious gourmet carnival food and sharing it with festival-goers around Atlanta just seemed like the next logical step in a life lived by the “carny ethic.”

The Pallookaville wagon made its name around town by selling massive, gourmet corn dogs, but on special occasions, you can also get some of the best tamales and funnel cakes in town. Jim and his crew, which includes his wife, “the Weenie Queen,” bring a little “you pays yer money, you takes yer chances” attitude to the Pallookaville experience. You’ll find signage mocking you for ruining your ‘dog with ketchup. You might be berated preemptively for complaining about the prices. And you’ll almost certainly have your order number screamed at you through a megaphone by the Weenie Queen.

Jim hopes that he can someday turn Pallookaville into the city’s finest hot dog restaurant, but for right now, be on the lookout for the cart at festivals and parades around town. If you want a sure chance at Pallookaville goodness, you can find the cart at most art show openings at the Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo.

For more on Pallookaville, visit Pallookaville.com (and for more on East Atlanta Tattoo, watch Ink & Paint, also from This is Atlanta).

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