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St. EOM of Pasaquan

One of the strangest stories we came across was about St. EOM of Pasaquan. Eddie Owens Martin was an artist and soothsayer who began painting after he had a series of visions in 1935. He moved back to Buena Vista, Georgia, started calling himself St. EOM, and created Pasaquan using the old family house.

After Eddie’s death 20 years ago, the house and the grounds were left to decay. However, in the last decade there’s been a renewed interest in folk art, and the Pasaquan Preservation Society was created to protect Eddie’s unique vision.

He painted pictures and produced other art as well, but the reason people come to Pasaquan today is to look at the house. It’s an amazing place — especially when you consider the total dedication and decades of hard work needed to create it. The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation has included Pasaquan in its 2006 list of the 10 Places in Peril in the State. Come and check it out for yourself!!

The house is not open all the time - check their website for details.


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