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Snapshots of Summer

In the Summertime, Piedmont Park becomes a hot-spot. Well, all of Atlanta becomes a hot-spot as the mercury rises, but the Park becomes a popular place to gather, exercise, play, or cool off (or at least attempt to). We recently caught up with some folks enjoying this green oasis in the center of the city, so here are a few Snapshots of Summer in Piedmont Park.

Roderick enjoys the safety of the park’s roads, which are closed to cars. It’s a great place for Roderick Jr. to work on his bike skills.

In the Meadow, Chris found one of the few places in a crowded city where his Discus-Launched Glider can really soar.

Daniel was fishing from the Gazebo on Lake Clara Meer. He wasn’t having any more luck than he had from the other side of the lake, but at least the ducks were no longer bothering him.

Piedmont Park

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