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The Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club

You may think you have a tendency to get homesick, but you can’t begin to compare with the homing pigeon. When taken away from their lofts, homing pigeons will, when released, race back to their homes at nearly 60 mph. And forget about moving to a new town. Pigeons will attempt to return to their original homes, despite the time and the miles in between.

Scientists don’t know why pigeons imprint so strongly upon a location or why they are able to find their way back to it. But this mystery hasn’t deterred the passion of generations of pigeon fanciers. The ranks of pigeon enthusiasts have included a wide range of people like Mike Tyson, Walt Disney, and the Queen of England.

Also among those who have enjoyed this one-of-a-kind sport are the members of the Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club. They’re off to the races in the Spring and Fall of every year, so that flock speeding over your house might be a group of thoroughbreds sprinting for the finish line.

Learn more about the GARPC at www.garpc.org, or read a fascinating article on pigeon racing in The New Yorker.

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