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The Richard Petty Driving Experience

Perhaps you’ve been watching Nascar for a few years now and thought I can do that. Well now you have a chance to prove it. For nearly ten years the Richard Petty Driving Experience has been giving average people the chance to test their skills behind the wheel of a race car.

Ronny Miller is an instructor with Richard Petty. “Speed gets inside of people and it’s really hard to get out. A lot of people watch racing on Sunday afternoon and they always picture themselves in that situation. Here they get a chance to feel a little bit like a race car driver and to take it to racing extremes if they want to.”

Safety is foremost in every driver’s mind. The speed is controlled by the instructor up front, who helps the student to drive the right line around the track and reach their maximum potential. “I have to keep a constant watch in the mirror, make sure that they’re staying in line, not swinging to high near the wall, accelerate and decelerate and all the safe things that they need to do to stay under control,” Ronny told us.

So I asked Ronny how women rate as race car drivers.

“Believe it or not they do very well and the reason is they listen better than men. They may not be as fast but they do everything right as far as car control and that’s what we need. We look for car control first and we’ll build up the speed later.”

So what are you waiting for?


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