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Santa and the Pets

If you think the holiday rush is bad for you, imagine how it must be for Santa Claus. Making toys for all the good children in the world can’t be easy. But, despite his hectic schedule, Santa always makes time for holiday photos at the Atlanta Humane Society’s annual Pets With Santa event.

Every October, local photographers, volunteers, and Santa himself donate their time to give Atlanta’s pet owners fantastic pictures for their Christmas cards. Santa poses with kids, adults, dogs, cats, and even snakes or ducks, providing everyone with a one-of-a-kind photo op. And the smiles in the photos are truly genuine, as these animal-lovers know that all proceeds go to benefit the Atlanta Humane Society.

In addition to providing food and shelter to homeless pets, the Atlanta Humane Society offers education and outreach programs as well as a full-service animal clinic. So, while Pets With Santa comes around only at a special time of year, there are numerous volunteer opportunities at the Humane Society in any season.

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