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Segway Tours of Atlanta

Maybe you remember the Segway, that strange looking personal transportation device that came out a few years ago? Well someone came up with the bright idea of starting historic tours of downtown Atlanta — on a Segway!

Joseph St. Jean is the Operations Manager. “What makes the Segway tour good in Atlanta is that there’s a lot of history in Atlanta that people don’t really know about. Between the founding of Atlanta to the Civil war and the Civil Rights Movement and even in modern times there’s been a lot of history with the Olympics and beyond that and the city has really changed a lot over the past 150 or so years”

People really enjoy the experience. One of our fellow riders told us “The appeal to riding the Segway is actually almost being an instant celebrity. You kind of go out into the streets of Atlanta and people say “hey that’s cool, where can I get one?” and at the same time you’re getting a little history so it’s a really fun way to get around the city.”


City Segway Tours
50 Upper Alabama Street,
Suite 256
Atlanta, GA 30303

1 877 SEG TOUR


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