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The Silver Scream Spook Show

Built in 1939, Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre has a reputation for being haunted. When This is Atlanta visited, one of the owners declined to even discuss the possibility of ghosts in the theatre; talking about them tends to stir them up. But, even if you don’t experience the paranormal at the Plaza, you can still see specters, vampires, monsters and magicians every month at the Silver Scream Spook Show.

The brainchild of local tattoo artist and scary movie enthusiast Shane Morton, the Spook Show features a classic horror or sci-fi flick. But the real draw is the half-hour variety show that comes first. Shane, or “Professor Morte,” and a company of creepy characters, including his sidekick “Wretch,” (Jon Waterhouse) and the dancers of Blast-Off Burlesque, entertain the crowd with a hilarious mix of vaudeville corniness and classic late-nite horror-marathon atmosphere. Picture the Muppet Show, but with corpses instead of puppets.

The Spook Show happens the last Saturday of the month at the Plaza (but call ahead to make sure). Bring the kids for the matinee, or get a babysitter and come at night for the more adult show. It’s live humor from beyond the grave.




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