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Tree Climbing

Tree Climbers International was founded by Peter Jenkins in 1983 to bring together people who love climbing trees and to teach them to do it safely and responsibly. “I love trees and I love tree climbing,” said Peter, “a lot of people come out here and they are afraid of heights and not really active physically but when see that they can do it it’s very empowering - and once they get up into the tree its so peaceful and quiet they can relax. We don’t have many sad faces walking away from here.”

So who is the perfect tree climbing candidate?

“The perfect tree climbing candidate is someone that is young at heart. They can be five years old or they can be ninety five. If they have that spirit of going different places, going places mankind doesn’t go and just being with the tree — yeah, they’re the people.”

Tree Climbers International
P.O. Box 5588
Atlanta, GA 31107
(404) 377-3150

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