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Westville is a reconstructed living history village that replicates working life in 1850’s rural Georgia. This was before the industrial revolution and the only source of power available was people or mules.

Even without the energy saving devices that we take for granted today, people in the early 19th century were extremely inventive and self contained. No matter whether you lived in the city or the country, you could pretty well take care of all your needs. Traveling through Westville today you will see the potter working like he did 150 years ago, as well as the basket maker and the woodworker. You’ll also see quilting, candle making, weaving, cooking and some games that children played at the time.

Since 1981 Westville has concentrated on educational programs for kids. Westville now serves over 25,000 children in school groups from 625 schools as well as other interested visitors, allowing them a glimpse into our history 150 years past.

Westville Village
P.O.Box 1850
Lumpkin, GA 31815

1-888 733-1850

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